The company was founded at the end of 1994, since when it is exclusive representative, importer and distributor of the German manufacturer “GUSTAV HENSEL” GmbH & Co.KG, and therefore performs in the Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina markets as an extension of the manufacturer.


• DK cable junction boxes
• KV small type distribution boards
• MI modular power distribution boards
• Cable glands
• Accessories

 DK cable junction boxes


Product benefits:

• High-quality plastic resistant to breakage (thermoplastic)
• Stylish and comfortable design
• Self-extinguishing 750-960 ° C
• Variable position of the carrier terminal (5 positions) with modern technology terminals – screw or plug
• Box with stainless steel screws V2A with metric fast screw and the possibility of sealing
• Standard applicable to multiple applications with an expansion glands ASM to IP 65 or plug elastic glands


KV distribution boards- 3 to 54 modules

Product benefits:

• Great possibilities for labels accommodation, a lot of space by devices handling
• Cable entry with integrated, elastic sealing membranes
• Huge space of cable entry was obtained by top positioned PE-N terminals
• Integrated compartment for accessories “everything has its own place”
• Stainless screws V2A with metric fast screw, saving 2/3 tightening time
• All built-in devices easy available under a single door



MI – modular power distribution boards

MI- modular power distribution boards up to 1000A IP65 5 box sizes from 150×300 mm to 600×600 mm

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