The system for reactive power compensation

We offer design, manufacture and commissioning of damped and undamped automatic devices for reactive power compensation.

01 Spar Rijeka R-KOMP

Capacitor batteries – series RCMB3

Innovative extremely reliable models specially designed for improving of the energy supply quality of electrical networks subject to rising voltage and current as well as harmonic distortion. When electricity distribution system cannot guarantee a high level of quality of supply of electrical energy, and your job is in danger: the EIT – ELEKTROINSTALACIJSKA TEHNIKA and GRUPPOENERGIA can help you with new series “BIGPOWER” extremely reliable capacitors, which can resist fluctuations of voltage.

“BIGPOWER – RCM-BS” is the newest high-performance capacitor belonging to the BIGPOWER series. This capacitor has been developed for outdoor applications, adverse environmental conditions and high temperature. The range of RCM-BS is 0.5 to 6.25 kVAr for small units and individual compensation 25kVAr to 50kVAr for pole mounting.



 Capacitor contactors – series CSC

As it is known, when capacitors start to operate, they cause a high frequency between 1-15 kHz and a current that is about 180 times higher than the rated current for a very short time period (several milliseconds). This may result in welding the main contacts of standard duty contactors and/or result in capacitor damages.
In order to protect the capacitors, CSC series contactors are complete with limiting resistors. The CSC series can be used safely in single step or multiple step capacitor banks.


 Benefits of capacitor switching contactors CSC

– High safety
– High electrical life
– No risk of dangerous voltage
– Less maintenance
– Less downtime rate


 Power factor controller series ER and ERN

Power factor automatic controllers suitable for capacitor banks installed in the standard network. Digital microprocessor controller series ER and ERN designed for automatic power factor correction systems. Relay outputs to connect or disconnect the capacitors. Reliable power factor control even in presence of high current and/or voltage harmonics content.


Benefits of Power factor controller series ER and ERN

– No-voltage release protection
– Capacitor overload and panel overheating protection
– Internal panel temperature sensor
– Suitable for co-generation systems [4 quadrant operation]
– Selectivity of capacitors – Using intelligent way (work hours and the required reactive power
– 4 Versions [5, 7, 8 and 12 step configuration)
– 3 digit 7 segment LED display
– 4 operation key
– 3 way parameter set-up: automatic, manual, PC
– TTL/RS232 communication interface for set-up and automatic testing with Personal Computer
– Adjustable tripping sensitivity
– Adjustable reconnection time delay
– Adjustable alarms